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Leverage automation and generative AI for hyper-productivity in your account planning and prioritization, account research, personalized email, discovery calls, strategic sales assets, RFP responses and more!
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"The AI-driven increased quality of selling means that the companies that aggressively adopt these tools will beat any competitors that don’t."

Reid Hoffman
Impromptu: Amplifying Our Humanity Through AI, March 2023
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AI-driven research enables everyone to bring deep customer knowledge to every customer interaction with data sourced and summarized from 10Ks, earnings calls, investor presentations, news, and more.
Identify top priorities, strategic initiatives, business challenges, industry trends, and KPI performance
Personalize buyer engagement based on their interests, roles, challenges, and backgrounds


AI continuously monitors 1000’s of data sources to capture important actionable events like leadership changes, new product announcements, new strategies, and new initiatives.
Automated alerts tell you when something is happening, recommends what to do, and generates the necessary content
Never miss a chance to be there when your customer needs you - even when they don’t realize it yet
Push events such as changes in product usage, support engagement, or churn risk
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rule5 connects to your internal data sources like CRM, contract management, content management, and customer success systems to align external insights to your specific context.
Leverage product usage, install base, previous purchase history, and support cases to generate actions and content
Connect to whitepapers, battlecards, and pitch decks to train rule5 on your messaging and differentiation


rule5 learns about you, your value proposition, and your customers so that all of your internal and external communications are highly tailored and on point. Generative output includes:
  • Personalized email communications
  • Account Plans
  • Executive Briefing Documents
  • Meeting Agendas and Goals
  • Security Questionnaires
  • RFP Responses
  • Close Plans and Joint Execution Plans
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We're the new GTM secret weapon.

The rule5 generative AI driven sales intelligence platform is your personalized analyst, always ready to propel the whole GTM team to perform at their highest level, confidently and consistently.
rule5 helps you dump the guesswork of knowing the who, what, why, how, and when about every high-stakes account and interaction, giving you the most high-quality, actionable insights and automated ready-to-use deliverables.
For us, intelligence goes beyond just collecting data – we drive real outcomes for our customers. Our platform does the work that no account team could, combining human intelligence with machine intelligence to arm our customers with deep insights so accurate, their GTM professionals sometimes look like mind-readers. We provide super-targeted intelligence to help you level up throughout the sales cycle.

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