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Account Intelligence

Gather deep insights about your key target accounts so you’re always on top of their latest needs. We’ll help you find everything you need to know to drive smart, strategic conversations.
Identify top priorities, strategic initiatives, business challenges, industry trends, and KPI performance
Formulate messaging and strategy to make the case for change based on metrics and business impact
Data sourced and continuously updated from 10Ks, earnings calls, investor presentations, news, and more

People Intelligence

Identify the right buyer personas and find the stakeholders that you need to engage with. We’ll help you understand how to talk so the top execs listen, from how to best grab their attention to earning their trust for the long haul.
Identify your buyer personas: the key influencers and decision makers who care about your solution
Avoid “single-threaded” sales engagements by engaging the right personas at every level
Engage people based on their interests, roles, challenges, and backgrounds
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Dashboard mockup

Relationship Intelligence

Discover meaningful connections between your company ecosystem and the people, accounts, and markets that you are trying to reach. We’ll help you find the right paths to extend your visibility to partners, advisors, board members, and influencers.
The rule5 social graph reveals meaningful relationships between your organization and your customers throughout the customer lifecycle
Measure relationship quality at an individual level and company level

We're the new GTM secret weapon.

The rule5 account-based intelligence platform is your personalized analyst, always ready to propel the whole GTM team to perform at their highest level, confidently and consistently.
rule5 helps you dump the guesswork of knowing the who, what, why, how, and when about every high-stakes account and interaction, giving you the most high-quality, actionable insights and automated ready-to-use deliverables.
For us, intelligence goes beyond just collecting data – we drive real outcomes for our customers. Our platform does the work that no account team could, combining human intelligence with machine intelligence to arm our customers with deep insights so accurate, their GTM professionals sometimes look like mind-readers. We provide super-targeted intelligence to help you level up across three key interaction points:

Accelerate your customer and sales cycles.

Get powerful, relevant knowledge across the entire customer account journey.

Territory planning

Prioritize the best accounts based on firmographic, technographic, and sociographic analysis.

Demand generation

Identify the right buyer personas at every level and engage them based on their top priorities and initiatives.

Account planning

Account planning can be a time consuming task with mixed results. rule5 automates the hard stuff, delivering a consistent high standard of account planning insights to help the entire GTM team raise their game.

Opportunity execution

Align your value prop and messaging to your customer's most urgent challenges and KPIs.

Executive briefing

Quickly generate the best EBD they've ever seen. You'll look good in the prep, and your executive will look great with the customer.

Sales Methodology

Activate methodologies like MEDDPICC or BANT at scale. Go from checking the box to changing the game.

Value engineering

Benchmark your customer against their peers in over 20 key performance indicators (KPI's). rule5 AI automatically shows how your customer stacks up, whether they are BEST, WORST, or somewhere in between.

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