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  3. Shorten sales cycle by 35%
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"Timing is everything when our customers experience big changes like mergers, acquisitions, or new product announcements. Signal IQ detects these as soon as they happen, so we can immediately act. Timely engagement like this is critical to our growth plans."

Cody Guymon
COO, GTM Operations, Workato
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Pipeline growth with Signal IQ

Signal IQ autonomous agents monitor companies and people for key buying signals and alert you to reach out with contextual value messages.
Configure buying signals including earnings release, M&A, leadership changes, new product announcements, new funding, growth initiatives and more
Uncover new opportunities by monitoring job changes of your former users, champions and contacts
Tailor signals that are relevant for your business and cut out the noise to focus on what matters most
Capture and unify signals that reveal opportunities for your business by configuring additional external and internal data sources
Monitor > Research > Act

Strategic insights with Account IQ

Account IQ research enables your team to bring deep customer knowledge to every customer interaction with insights sourced and summarized from 10Ks, earnings calls, investor presentations, news and more.
Identify top priorities, strategic initiatives, business challenges, industry trends and KPI performance comparison against peers
Personalize buyer engagement based on their priorities, roles, business challenges and more
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Dashboard mockup
Monitor > Research > Act

Relevant value messaging with Action IQ

Action IQ, a purpose built AI assistant for sales and marketing helps you generate relevant and engaging content for your customer outreach and engagement.
Ingest relevant content from CRM, CMS and other data sources which combined with accounts and buyer insights generate highly contextual insights and value messages
Manage your sales plays with prompt books by creating reusable prompts for each stage of the sales cycle
Make every customer interaction relevant and contextual. Deliver consistent message everytime
Generate personalized emails, slide decks, value propositions, account plans, executive briefing documents and more
rule5 Signals-to-Action Platform

We're the new GTM secret weapon.

Conventional Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies often revolve around the objectives, quotas and plans of the seller, a methodology that falls short and proves ineffective. Regardless of the benefits and superior product a seller has to offer, closing a deal remains elusive if the timing isn't right for the buyer or if the solution fails to directly address their immediate pain points. Identifying the right time to engage with the right message thus presents a formidable challenge.
rule5 Signals-to-Action platform is a transformative solution that is designed to address these challenges. rule5 introduces a GTM paradigm shift by pinpointing the precise accounts, timing and messaging required for effective sales engagement. Leveraging state-of-the-art generative AI, autonomous agents and AI assistants, rule5 diligently monitors an array of multimodal, external and internal data sources to generate actionable insights, uncovering leads and opportunities that are tailored for your business. rule5 curates deep intelligence about the target account's priorities and challenges, combines it with first party content from CMS, CRM and other sources to craft contextual, relevant and compelling value messages for each prospect.
With rule5 Signals-to-Action platform, automated outreach and strategic sales engagement are transformed from aspirations to tangible outcomes. Gain key insights on the 'who, what, why, how and when of every critical account and interaction. rule5 ensures that you receive the highest quality, actionable insights and autogenerated artifacts, ready for immediate use.

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