Product Updates - Looking back on all we delivered in 2023!

Published on
January 3, 2024
Eric Larson, Ramana Mulpury, and Vikas Javiya
Co-founders of rule5
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2023 was an amazing year of innovation for rule5!

It's like Christmas 🎁 nearly every day when you have talented engineers who are constantly listening to our customers and delivering powerful new innovations. 

These are some highlights of rule5's 2023 innovations, delivering AI to perform high-value work while being easy to use and meeting our users where they work.

rule5GPT. Generative AI excels at using account research to optimize messaging and sales plays. We established ourselves as a true pioneer in generative AI with the FIRST real, productized co-pilot for GTM. 

Prompt Playbooks. rule5 enables you to design prompts once and make them available to your entire organization. Playbooks take that even further, allowing you to organize prompts around specific GTM workflows and outcomes like prospecting and discovery call preparation. 

Bring Your Own Content (BYOC). Produce highly relevant personalized content in seconds, synthesizing account intelligence with your own content you want - like pitch decks and product data sheets.

Earnings Call and 10K signal monitoring and summarizing. rule5 alerts you every time your customer or prospect has an earnings call or new 10K and brings you the relevant highlights. 

Generative Value Messaging (GVM) at Scale. Now you can import lists of people or accounts and generate unique, personalized messaging.

KPI Benchmarking. AI analysis of your customers' performance against their peers in all of their most important KPIs like EBITDA, COGS/cost of revenue, DSO, DIO, etc... everything in the 10K can be benchmarked to help you build your value proposition.

Chrome Plug-in for Ubiquitous Access. One of the ways we integrate to your work flow is through the rule5 Chrome plug-in. This was rule5 is always available where you are working and bringing you the latest most relevant insights. Find it in the Chrome store here

Salesforce Certification - we already had Salesforce integration, but this year we became a Salesforce Partner available on the AppExchange. Find it on the AppExchange here

Okta Integration. Now you can use Okta single sign-on with rule5. 

SOC2 Compliance. Another FIRST in generative AI. rule5 became the first SOC2 compliant GAI co-pilots in the makerEnsuring security and trust in your generative deployment. 

Accurate and Trusted GAI Results with Grounding and RAG. Once again, rule5 is a pioneer in the use of advanced generative AI techniques including grounding and RAG. In short, this means rule5 only uses the correct and accurate data to generate responses, which eliminates hallucinations. In addition, all of our responses include sources so you can easily validate the results. 

Seamless Integation to Your GTM Workflow. We delivered APIs for seamless integration with all of your chosen points of action including all of the popular sales engagement platforms (Outreach, Apollo, Salesloft, etc.). This also includes Gong, 6Sense, Demandbase, etc.  

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